Setup Collaboration Environment

You are a new member and you want to start collaborating in a project? Here you will understand how to get setup with slack, trello and GitHub.

Socials and other collaboration platforms:

The creation of innovation starts from a correct organization and planning. The collaborative space must offer all the tools necessary to achieve the goal. For this reason, we have created a solid structure that promotes advanced methodologies and techniques of project management, such as the AGILE and SCRUM methods. Each project is independent and can decide which platforms to use to optimize the internal workflow.

  • Slack: This is the center point of our community. Here we discuss about the ongoing projects, blockchain related subjects and OT topics. Once you get in slack you will be pointed out to all the other platforms dedicated to the project.
  • Trello: it is easy to implement an agile and SCRUM strategy using the user-friendly interface offered by trello. Tasks, deliverables and objectives can be easily displayed created and displayed by team members.
  • GitHub: you probably know what GitHub is and how it works. version control is not a problem thanks to GitHub.
  • Google Drive: it facilitates the documentation process as well as the visual and schematic presentation of results. People can collaborate on the group documents.

Trello, GitHub and GDrive fully integrate with slack, this way you will never lose track of your team's progress.

First step: join Slack

First you need to join our slack channel named zurich blockchain rnd. once you are there, you will be invited to the project channel. In the channel you will be informed about how to connect to trello, GitHub, Gdrive.

Second step: Discuss with the community

At this point you can discuss and learn from the community. You can discuss about the ongoing projects and share your ideas. You can find an exhaustive list of the projects here.

Third step: Join or start a project

If you want to join a project, talk to the responsible and let him introduce you to the team members and the collaborative tools.

If you decide to start a project, you can ask to create a dedicated space on GitHub, Slack, Trello, GDrive and Website where you will start to collect ideas to present to the members. Now you are in charge of these tools and you can choose how you want to organize your work. Whenever a member wants to join your group, you will invite him/her to the dedicated spaces where you will start to plan the work togheter.